General feature of Tipping bucket rain gauge

Device model : Tipping bucket rain gauge

Dimensions : Ø 200 mm • height 343 mm

Weight : approx 2.4 kg

Collection surface area : 200 cm2

Material : Combination of steel and aluminum alloys

Heater voltage : 12 V

Heater Current : 40 W

Measurement accuracy : 0.1 mm

Max measurement intensity : 10 mm/min

Protection class : IP 56

Operating conditions : from -30 to +80

Measurement technology : magnetic

Application : meteorology - rain gauge - issuance of warning to reduce flood risks

Rain gauge introduction

rain gauge is a instrument to measure the amount of rain in a certain place over time . Currently , various types of rain gauges are available , including Standard , Tipping bucket, and Optical . This instrument is a tipping bucket rain gauge .

The measurement unit of most rain gauge devices is mm and due to the rainfall uniformity , 1 mm of measured rainfall is equivalent to 1 liter of rainwater volume per square meter .

This product is one of the best types of rain gauges with the highest measurement accuracy . These devices usually work in the open space outside the city and inside the city using solar and municipal electricity .

Other features Abargan rain gauge
  • Other features Easy installation Require little maintenance 3 years guaranty
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