Environmental Services Abargan

Support and launch of environmental data recording software

Last year , Abargan decided to develop software to integrate environmental monitoring information , since monitoring this information is dynamic and has not yet been fully integrated , Abargan has developed a native software that has complete control over the needs of the sector. The country has started monitoring and now after successful testing at the General Directorate of Environmental Protection of Mazandaran Province in Markazi , Golestan , Tehran and Alborz provinces has been selected software that will be implemented after administrative steps .

Information integration software is designed with a special structure that has wide dimensions , its features are as follows :

  • Data integration and unification All input data under a secure , simple and fast protocol
  • Access to unit or region or province or country specific information and description of each designed level requirement
  • A very sophisticated filter that no report or model of the claim of manufacturer which applicant isn’t unable to obtain .
  • Designed on the Internet platform and compatible with all devices that can connect to the Internet , such as computers , tablets , mobile phones , urban TVs , smart TVs , data input devices as input controllers , analyzers , industrial interactions such as plc , modbus and so on ... .
  • Removing data-logger that reduce monitoring system acquisition costs and eliminating maintenance and removal costs for converters to the environment system
  • The only software available on the web with instant and online capability , the software's structure is such that all pages are updated at any time with the slightest change to the relevant section or page information , and the information is live and constantly changing .

Operation of Pollution Stations

Operation of air pollution and wastewater treatment stations is one of the specialties of monitoring. The company has so far provided services by conducting oil pipeline contamination projects in South Pars and maintenance of industries equipped with air and wastewater analyzers . The guidance on pollution measurement tools from the calibration discussion to the on-line information retention and maintenance work recommended by the manufacturer with sufficient experience in the field .

Since the experts of this company produce and offer products in this field , so have enough information to maintain and configure all the brands used in the country and can produce and deliver them in the market without needing to buy or buy parts from the manufacturer , inside .

Management of the treatment plant

In recent years Abgargan Environmental Department under the supervision of Ms . Mahnaz Pashazadeh Azad led the refinery Company in and around the city of Ghaemshahr , revised the establishment of automation and pollution abatement units in all industries of city , remove from the list of pollutant industries and provide these services across the province in a desirable and acceptable manner, and now, after 5 years of the first guidance and maintenance services along with the monitoring equipment of the company achieved to provide rapid methods to operation of wastewater pollution removal system . Therefore , any kind of consulting , implementation services and providing automation and intelligence guidance are valuable services of the company .

In many cases , Abargan has provided services with descriptive descriptions of various industries for the benefit of the environment and the general public , and since then provided any services to protect the environment with its existing expertise like all citizens , Itis responsible for the preservation and dissemination of the culture of the environment and doesn’t spare any effort . So respected industries can contact the experts of the company for advice and training in maintenance and management .

wastewater Quality Assessment Tests

Abargan Air & Wastewater Company has all the required parameters of the environment and most of the required parameters in cooperation with the co-worker’s laboratory and is ready to provide services and provide these services in most parts of the country in less than 24 hours . Therefore , it is ready to self-report or request general tests as the request of the employer upon the introduction of a reliable environmental laboratory .

Spectrophotometer Repair - Water and Wastewater Analyzer Repair - Air Analyzer Repair

Abargan Co . accepts all measuring instruments in laboratory or portable optical and photometric methods or in the form of analyzers for the contamination of water , wastewater and ambient air and gases for minor and essential repair . These services are of the highest quality and are as quickly as possible , such as light source replacement , photometric systems , mirror adjustment , grating replacement , detector replacement , electronic circuit repair , and holder and cell repair .