General features digital rain gauge

Device model : Rain gauge ARG03DGC Model

Type of digital rain gauge : Weight Load Cell

Advanced reporting including ambient temperature , device compartment temperature, heater temperature , body temperature

Heater power flow rate , heater battery charge rate , RTU battery rate , solar flow rate , SIM card charge , SIM card number

Device geographic location

Precipitation status (Yes / No)

Precipitation intensity (from 0.1 mm / to 18 mm / h)

Continuous precipitation with accuracy of 0.05 mm / min

Temperature of -30 to + 75

Rain gauge introduction

Abargan ARG03DGC digital rain gauge is a professional sensor.

Modern , smart , precise , Low consumption and requires less maintenance.

Smart : Ability to separate snow , rain , sand and dust

Precise : Accuracy 0.05 mm . The accuracy obtained is stable so the way that conditions of temperature , humidity , vibration and evaporation do not affect the operation of this device.

Low consumption : This heater has low power consumption and bring the device to normal temperature , frequently .

Easy operation : The design of the device is based on measurement quality and accuracy and is prepared for events such as lack of power supply and freezing of the device and vibrations caused by winds .

Other features digital rain gauge
  • Calibration Calibration 0.01 mm / 0.05 mm / 0.01 mm
  • Other features Dimension : 477 mm Unlimited capacity Easy installation
  • Warranty and after sales service 5 year warranty
 digital rain gauge ARG03DGC