General features digital level meter

Device model : Level meter ADTHLM86GPRS Model

Measurement range switch-selectable : ± 17.999 m

Resolution : 0.0001 m / 0.001 m at 25 °C

Measurement interval : 9 cm up to 18 m

Accuracy : 20 microns

Interface : RS-232 , GPRS, 4-20mA , RS-485(optional) , SDI12 (optional)

Power supply : 12 V

Memory : 10,000 measurement values

Protection class : IP54

Temperature range : –20 to +70 °C

Maximum measuring error : ± 0.1

Display : online web page

Level meter introduction

The Abargan level gauge is a hydrometric station level gauge that reads water level as non-contact and submits it online to the monitoring and data integration system .

One of the most important features of this complex is the ability to continuously monitor the water level and remotely provide the user with the ability to plan and adjust .

The third generation of this package has been optimized for successful measurement and sending .

The device successfully recorded and logged all events at the relevant stations in the floods of 2018 & 2019 .

Other features digital level meter
  • Other features Ability to calculate the water level at the lithograph column location accurately Continuous monitoring of water level Ability to online transmitting of recorded data No need for periodic calibration Eliminate the direct connection of the measuring instruments to the water surface No reading error due to temporary power failure Send information at least every 5 minutes (recording 288 points per day) High accuracy and reliability of recorded data (zero percent error coefficient)
digital level meter ADTHLM86GPRS