Measure and detect temperature , humidity , wind direction , wind speed , radiometry , precipitation , evaporation , soil moisture

Detecting several important meteorological parameters in one device and in small dimensions

High accuracy in measurement and detection

Require little maintenance

Specific technology

IP 65

Environment online monitoring

Environmental analyzer’s recording and reporting

Environment online monitoring

Monitoring in the environment means tracking and examining environmental contaminants , which are mainly the main causes are industries and health centers . Online monitoring allows to be constantly informed of the future information of the contaminant unit . This information can be used to direct sources of pollution to control it and to record information for environmental departments to track . There are different standards for monitoring equipment in different groups , in each country requiring compliance with geographical conditions and state-of-the-art technology should meet those standards from polluting industries or sources . Among these standards are deal with the quality of air , soil , wastewater and evanescence .

Online monitoring

Online monitoring

Online monitoring consists of two words which means monitoring and online which means being on line. Monitoring is used in a number of groups that the Abargan site performs in the monitoring of service status that provide us Monitoring the situation with the use of information measurement tools with a variety of industries, medical environmental multimedia and aviation ... Status monitoring called the simple digital recording controller of events and the ability to report monitoring . For example , in our homes a refrigerator uses at least one cooling sensor . This sensor , which is a measuring tool , is now responsible for controlling the performance of that device or machine, but is also called monitored information when it is digitally stored and later accessible . The purpose of online monitoring is to monitor the situation online. As the data monitored by different packets are connected to a data center , packets from the small internal network to the large Internet connection are all online because they are live and momently information . Abargan Group is active in the field of online monitoring . the company's achievements can be made of :

  • RUT and Abargan data logger with dynamic communicative protocol and capability of writing protocol without the need for re-programming
  • The fully native data logger and reporting software which design and is developing by this company .
  • control and smartification software of Complex industrial from small scale to industrial monitoring of large scale up to 4 million parameters per second.

Online monitoring of water and sewage

Generally , online monitoring of water and sewage is carried out at the request of the EPA (Environment protection agency) or its regional water company . Its purpose is to measure the contamination of effluents continuously from various industrial treatment plants and also the instantaneous monitoring of water resources , including rivers , lakes , dams and others . Water and wastewater monitoring in both areas requires its own sensors and analyzers . Mainly parameters which measured in terms of urban water quality and other water sources are different from the parameters which consider in the wastewater . Water and wastewater online monitoring sensors and equipment are usually similar in terms of body strength when props are placed in acidic environments and also sealing . But the scope of their measurement varies widely .

Water and wastewater contamination measurement by optical analyzers with spectroscopic principles is currently common . The selection of analyzers in this group is not wide due to the low variety of brands and products available (due to the boycott) and the applicant who has the enough knowledge for searching, will come up with selective point in short time .

Top brands are usually European and American that share of support services and sales agents are at European disposal . Abargan is currently one of the few manufacturers of some of the quality parameters of wastewater quality measurement parameter in the country , since Abargan imports all parts of existing analyzers from abroad and is currently sufficient to assemble Iranian branded products has made us more successful in providing support and warranty services than other brands . The R&D team (research and development) is committed to achieving further mass production and coverage goals .

Environmental analyzer Abargan

Benefits of Abargan analyzer :

  • Contractor of Iranian manufacturer
  • 40% Saving against Exterior Model (Exactly like Quality of Exterior Parts)
  • 2-year unconditional warranty and 10 years after-sales service
  • Send information to EPA without any additional hardware
  • Persian User Panel for use in industrial units
  • Payment Terms

Online monitoring of environment air

Metropolitan Pollution Monitoring Stations are the customers of this group . To check the ambient air status according to the guidelines of the National Environmental Agency , the parameters of Pm2.5 , Sox , Nox , Q3 are considered for the ambient air group , which are shown in the urban panels showing pollution quality . Measuring the ambient air quality of the analyzers selected in this field up to installation , commissioning , calibration , maintenance , repair and supply of components , a dedicated operator with spend time and cost is choice of model that can provide adequate accuracy if all maintenance conditions are met . At present , about one hundred points in the country are selected from this model as a portable or stationary station for mounting racks and measuring instruments , which are usually racks . The space is equipped with heating and cooling air conditioning . The ambient air quality monitoring chamber are shortly consisting of service analyzers , air conditioning , cooling , heating , sampling and data logger analyzer tubes , calibration gases , events and measurements performed by the analyzers to record events ... equipment of device condition is very important . Therefore , it is recommended to use invalid inputs such as 2 to 4 mA in the parameters that are possible to obtain digital information form , and this is important since the devices are always challenged with the maintenance and operation status of the components . Currently , more than 100 points in the country are equipped with ambient air measurements , but the accuracy and quality of their measurements does not reach , on average, 35% of the analysis . Thus , the very poor statistics of an output and low efficiency resulted in very high costs. Our experts in the RBDD section of the company have developed solutions for the design of the online ambient air monitoring system in accordance with the regulations of the National Environmental Agency's guidelines and conditions of use. Provides flue gas (combustion) analyzers and ambient air analyzers with different choices in quality and accuracy . Abargan customers receive 2-years warranty replacement and 2-years free service on all of its products . Product design focuses on quality and sustainability . These factors , along with proportional to the country's needs , which are very cheap at beside of foreign competitors , and the ability to contract directly with the manufacturer and have domestic support and abundant supply of parts due to domestic production can meet the needs of industry and the environment . The customer selects the type of blower and internal parts and goes into details of the product and can make changes to all parts of the product after production . these are due to grace of the Iranian manufacturer . It should be noted that the main parts of the device in the sensor section are often imported parameters and have environmental certifications approved .

Flue gas analyzer (combustion)

Combustion contamination measuring instruments are commonly called chimney analyzers . The choice of a chimney analyzer is based on the range of contamination , moisture content and exhaust heat , and the build quality is very important due to the poor use conditions . Such analyzers are available in both In-Situ and Extractive models , and are always In-Situ if the price is favored by customers, with In-Situ vacuum pumps and mechanical valves providing greater maintenance and accuracy , so they have more stability and accuracy . In this model , sampling and analysis are more realistic and results with the least error . Abargan Environmental Company offers a product called Nanolight-B series-95401 designed and manufactured in 1994 . This analyzer has all the support services .

Instantaneous monitoring system

With instant and online monitoring of industries and their activities , we can monitor, control and manage the level of pollution of each individual , which helps to protect the environment . Instantaneous monitoring systems are designed based on the type of industry and application . The parameters are measured in the instantaneous monitoring systems by the sensors . There are mainly two methods of measurement :

 Submersible or in-situ

Submersible or submersible sensors are incorporated into the fluid . In some cases , sensors immersed in the fluid can be installed bypass .

flow-through or bypass

In flow-through methods , water or waste water is pumped into a container . These methods usually use peristaltic pumps . These methods are two models as mentioned above . In the simpler model , the same immersed in-fluid sensors are installed inside a pipe path and components called flow-cells without any changes . In more complete methods after sample suction into the device , chemical analysis is performed on it , also known as the extractive model
After the parameters have been measured by the sensors , the information is sent to monitoring facility by a hardware (RTU) . This information is also aggregated by an analytics software , making it usable for subscriber organizations . Abargan has succeeded in designing and manufacturing hardware (RTU) and software for data aggregation and analysis . If you require further information or are sure of a suitable approach for your project , please contact Abargan Company .

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