About Abargan

History of Abargan

Abargan environmental Co . has been officially registered in Tehran with the number 277057 in 2006 and is now serving its customers after a decade of working in the field of online environmental monitoring and monitoring database software .

Targets of Abargan

One of the goals of the company is to localize the technology of instrumentation equipment in the field of environmental pollution measurement . To this end , R&D Division , led by Engineer Mohammad Jafarzadeh , has produced 12 important parameters for the Water and Wastewater Group and intend to mass-produce the products to industry after obtaining EPA certifications . The outlook for the company in the coming years is very clear and we hope to invest in new technologies by investing in research .

Abargan manager's speech

Abargan CEO Mohammad Jafarzadeh , a senior environmental expert , intends to achieve spiritual goals in the environment , and we have begun to set some of the services apart from the general goals . We believe that our environment today requires two important factors , one is the introduction of low-cost technology to measure the quality of pollutants , and the second is the cultivation and integration of environmental monitoring systems . We have provided services in both areas .

Achievements and projects of Abargan

In this regard , Abargan Environmental Information Integration Software Company , dedicated to the cost and result of 2 years’ full time work of experts and programmers and accompanying different provinces of the country dedicated to the environmental system and we believe that its proper implementation is a great service .

Abargan's fields of activity

Abargan now pursues its economic activities in the design , management and management of refineries , doing so in the spirit of its environment , and the results so far have been desired and we have been able to inject and train contaminant removal agents to keep our own interests both economically and religiously . Healthy environment is our gift to future generations and we strive to cultivate it with all our tools , so install a great banner advertising site with environmental slogans to spread the importance of the environment .