General features Data logger and RTU

Device model : Data logger and RTU ADT82GPRS model

Input : 2 RS485 inputs- 2 RS232 inputs- 1 SID12 input

Output : 1 GSM output

Data logger and RTU introduction

Other features Data logger and RTU
  • Other features Professional MTTP charger control Ability to send SMS for emergencies Operating temperature -20 to +70 ° C Send battery power and voltage information Ability to send data over GSM platform to different telecommunication towers Communication with all brands of analyzers Date and time settings Manage power consumption and storage using solar and battery Communicate and store information from the device at the rate of every minute Online and remote programmability Support for all country operators' SIM cards without the need for settings
  • Warranty and after sales service Has one-year warranty and 10 years after-sales service
 Data logger and RTU ADT82GPRS model