2016 year

Online monitoring

Monitoring information is one of the principles of managing a system so that systems are developed to process information more quickly. Monitoring is our review process that is available and recorded in a variety of models such as column lists, tables, charts, and comparative numbers and figures, and its importance varies depending on the subject of monitoring. In the industries for machinery, in cars for driving, in power plants for maintenance, in the environment to measure pollution and ...

Now with the advancement of technology, the presence of monitoring tools is becoming more prevalent, so the discussion of making this tool available online and in a user-friendly environment for tracking and presenting monitoring tools for closer scrutiny and faster access to information The quality of a product or service is rapidly advancing with the prevention of many injuries in industrial machinery. Nowadays, online monitoring is of the same importance, with the scope of monitoring and data integration in a seamless environment becoming increasingly important. Abargan Co. is ready to provide the hardware needed to connect with any monitoring tool in any protocol and on any package in all areas. Abargan Hardware has received international certification, quality manufacturing and long-term warranty on suitable hardware in this sector and has provided compatriots. In the Data logger segment, using the cloud server’s technology and advanced monitoring software production that the product of 3 technologists have been able to get positive feedback from users in the environment, Abargan Company has a strong track record in South Pars and Mazandaran Province. It has begun and now the cloud monitoring project is the preferred project of Mazandaran, Golestan, Markazi, Tehran and Alborz provinces.