Online monitoring equipment

Telemetry and data logger

Data logger and RTU ADT82GPRS model

5 inputs and 1 output

32 GB capacity

Bilateral communication over GPRS platform

Solar MPPT support

Digital rain gauge ARG03DGC

Pc connectivity by USB

Modem RTU

Data logger

Solar control charger

Digital level meter ADTHLM86GPRS


Data logger

Solar control charger

Data logger and RTU ADT-RI04O03 model

4 inputs and 3 outputs

Supports up to 2GB Micro SD memory

Solar MPPT support

GSM / GPRS communications

Environmental data logger TSN400 model

3 RS233 inputs

2 RS485 inputs

Internal network card and Internet

USB-compatible PC

Environmental data logger TSN406 model

6 RS232 inputs and 2 RS485 inputs

SDRAM external storage capacity up to 32GB

Send information on GSM platform

Send geolocation on GPS platform

Environmental online monitoring software

Environmental online monitoring software

Data integration software

Environmental data integration software